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Presentation of the Institute

The European Institute of Mergers and Acquisitions is a non-profit-making association/ not-for-profit body, subject to the French law of the 1rst of July 1901 (It will be transformed into an "European association" when this statute will be laid down by the European legislator).

The Institute is resident at :
La Maison du Barreau 2-4, rue de Harley 75001 Paris.
Postal mail address : 11, Place Dauphine 75053 Paris Cedex 01.

The aim of the European Institute of Mergers and Acquisitions is to promote research, training and information on mergers and acquisitions, in particular on the legal aspect.

The Institute's board of governors is so composed :
- Jean-Pierre BERTREL, Professor of Business Law at the ESCP Europe
- Philippe REIGNE, Professor and occupant of the Business Law's chair of the CNAM
- Marina BERTREL, Professor at Reims Management School

President : Jean-Pierre BERTREL

To get in touch with the Institute, use this email address : contact@ma-institute.com
Jean-Pierre Bertrel